Friday, August 13, 2004

Now, I’m No Conspiracy Nut...

…but consider this.

McGreevey is going to, eventually, resign his position as governor of New Jersey. To that, I say “cool!” Apparently, it is because he cheated on his wife with a gay lover. This is what he told everyone. Ummm… way to go McGreevey.

Now, we all know that marriage infidelity is nothing to resign over. Sure, it opens up a character issue, which could possibly be insurmountable come reelection time, but it barely calls for a resignation. Obviously, there is something else behind it. Now, most pundits have been talking about an impending sexual harassment case from a former state employee, but it is odd that McGreevey would be sued for harassment (which is the current claim) without a lawsuit being filed against the office first. In all situations with which I am familiar, sexual harassment in the workplace is dealt with in the workplace first. I am not used to such cases resulting in a civil suit first.

So, consider this. I am not saying that this is the true scenario, or even that I believe it is true, but just consider it. We know that both parties have rather complicated inner workings, and both are darn strong machines. The past week has seen the Democratic machine come under attack not only by the Administration and other Republicans, but by other independent entities as well, such as the Swift Vets, not to mention Congressman Alexander’s switching parties. Kerry responded to all charges with horrible blunders, lies, fighting, and strategic mistakes. The Democrats need something to help them.

Furthermore, McGreevey was a rather unpopular and horribly ineffective governor, plagued by scandals (some bordering on the obscene). Since the Democrats needed some way to divert attention from Kerry’s blunders, I don’t find it that implausible for them to select a lower-ranking member of the party and tell him to take a public fall – to “take one for the team,” as it were.

Now, McGreevey is out there, making an ass of himself, and soaking up all the press time. All attention is diverted from Kerry’s blunders (alienating his anti-war base, answering Bush’s baiting question, posing ridiculous counter-questions that expose him as an idiot, contradicting himself over and over, performing character assassination on other Vietnam vets for the heinous crime of *gasp* not supporting him, &c.) while McGreevey steals all the headlines. His eventual resignation shouldn’t be headline news in places like Oregon, the way Kerry’s moronic bumblings should be, but McGreevey will undoubtedly take the spotlight. So, the Democrats get a three-for-one out of this deal: Kerry’s mistakes are hidden by the media, the Democrats can try to look like a party that actually has morals since McGreevey claims he is resigning over a moral issue, and McGreevey himself is effectively eliminated from the party. Not bad, eh?

I do realize this is merely a conspiracy theory, and like I said, I really don’t take it too seriously. But consider one more little piece of the puzzle. He is resigning because he is a “Gay American” – and this happens the day (or was it the day after?) the California Supreme Court bitch slaps San Francisco mayor Newsome and the rest of the illegal-gay-marriage crowd. Now it will be easier to cover up that horrible defeat for the fringe liberals, and try to evoke a few sympathy points for the gay marriage cause (“the governor had to resign because he is GAY” – I can hear it already).

In a day and age where Democrats accuse the Republicans of adjusting terror warnings for political gain, this whole resignation ordeal seems just too surreal and perfectly timed to be what it seems. I think there has to be something crazy underlying the issue, and my little scenario sadly doesn’t seem too far-fetched.


At 12:58 AM, August 13, 2004 , Blogger Vernunft said...

McGreevey will get away with it. People really think that a political office holder's sexuality is an issue; unfortunately, I am cursed with decency and quite frankly don't want to know whether you give or receive, so to speak. The real issue, if this was not an elaborate ploy by the Democrats (I see Clintonian hands in this mess - they were always wonderful at erecting such a facade of lies that one hardly knew whether to believe that two and two made four, if it came from Bill Clinton's mouth), was McGreevey's pending sexual harrassment suit.

Of course, sexual harrassment was what Clinton-Lewinsky was all about, not Ken Starr's Puritan witchhunt to expose private sexual conduct, nor even Clinton's perjury (after all, before he perjured himself, he had already sexually harrassed Miss Lewinsky; people seem to think it was "ok" to lie under oath because the questions he was asked dealt with private matters the public had no right to know - yes, we never had any right to know our President [illegally] abused his employee).

I'm parentheses-crazy today. Moreso than usual, which is saying something.


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