Monday, August 09, 2004


More news to me:

-racism was invented by whites. Here's a thought - if the Egyptians were "black," then perhaps they were justified in using the Hebrews as slaves? No, I'm sounding too much like Farrakhan, and there are limits to sarcasm. I cannot express even with my tongue firmly in my cheek what others openly, proudly, proclaim.

-only those in power can be racists. Without power, then, hatred...turns to nothing, I suppose. Hatred is perfectly fine as long as you don't have the power to inflict pain on the hated group. When this is said, of course, it is understood (perhaps one day I will compile a list of the Axioms of Leftism; since logic is merely a relic of Western oppression and thus invalid, these axioms need not even be consistent among themselves! Fun, fun...) that whites are in power and blacks are definitely not in power. But racial preferences and such are supposed to be instruments of power counterbalancing the (supposedly) majoritarian interests of legislatures. When a minority uses, for instance, the judiciary to inflict an arbitrary rule to the detriment of some race, or class, or whatever, is this not institutionalized discrimination? Are not racial preferences racist? A better question would be why racism is not racism without power; I happen to despise race-based hatred no matter what group is hating what other group(s), and no matter the relative influences those groups have on legislation and administration of government.

Let's go a bit deeper. Is it all right for racial preferences and racially gerrymandered congressional districts to exist to balance the supposed pro-white bias of legislatures? The dynamic balance such measures strike is dangerous, and it only serves to balkanize our country even further. Why can we not work together, as one, instead of making sure to keep pouring more liquid into this group's glass, then this group's glass, in order to keep every faction equal? Why not eliminate, as far as is possible, racial factions altogether?

Ah, but the Democratic Party benefits quite nicely from balkanization. Manipulate minorities by creating an enemy, the Majority, the Whites, and then sharpening the contrast between minority and majority. Willful incitement of racial tension to manufacture votes.

More than unpleasant - it is disgusting.

-anti-Semitism can be couched in euphemism and get a free pass. Call the enemy, not a Jew, but a Zionist, or, better yet, a neocon.



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