Thursday, July 29, 2004

Point Taken

An editor of "The Nation," on television, speaking about John Kerry (can't remember the name, and I have to paraphrase, but that shouldn't matter): "They (Republicans) like to portray him (Kerry) as a flip-flopper. But the truth is he has a 97% liberal voting record."

My, my, my! With friends like these, Kerry hardly needs enemies. I mean, really, you support Kerry by pointing out that he has voted liberal 97% of the time? Jay Nordlinger and I both wish that the Bush campaign would make more of Kerry's extreme liberalism and less of his flip-flopping, and here we have a die-hard liberal doing it for us. Run with it. The l-word is still dirty, and Kerry is just asking for it to be pinned on him.


At 9:10 AM, July 30, 2004 , Blogger Auskunft, the Lion Hearted said...

Which is worse? Standing firmly for nothing, having an entirely vacuous core? Or having a core firmly at odds with a majority of the people your are supposed to represent?

Either could be devastating if used properly.


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