Sunday, July 25, 2004

Three Purple Hearts. SO WHAT!?

I was just watching some coverage of the upcoming Democrat Convention. Some “centrist democrat strategist” (whose name I didn’t catch in time) made the comment that Kerry is the best choice for President due to his combat experience and his… get ready for it… his THREE PURPLE HEARTS!!! Woo hoo, he was injured twice by enemies and once by himself! WAY TO GO KERRY!

But seriously, remember this is the slimeball that came home and very clearly and unambiguously said how evil we were, how horribly the military acted, how wrong we were to assist the South Vietnamese; he then mentioned all of the WAR CRIMES that he PERSONALLY COMMITTED!

Why has everyone forgotten about this?

Kerry loves flouting his THREE PURPLE HEARTS; perhaps they are the only three medals he didn’t throw away? What kind of an officer lies about the military, lies about its actions, admits committing war crimes, and throws his medals away? Furthermore, why would anyone ever think that such a person could possibly be capable of being the commander-in-chief of the entire armed forces as well as leading the entire country?

Kerry has rarely been forthcoming with his true opinions, and has expressed nary a conviction towards anything in his entire life. The only time he actually took a stand on something, it was how terrible the military was and how evil he personally was.

Please, for the love of God, do not elect this man.


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