Tuesday, July 27, 2004

You Can't Unwatch It

Instead of watching the convention, I knocked back a few of these. I'm sure I was much more clear-headed after six of those than I would have been after having my mind clouded with the anger and confusion that attends any reasonable person's hearing the inflammatory, hateful, and phony rhetoric coming out of the mouths of Democrats these days. "Socialists" isn't apt enough a name for them anymore, since their whackiness extends far beyond economics. It's a party that actively encourages racial division, a party that cannot tell the truth, and a party that would have us defenseless before terrorism if it could.

A local columnist went off on the conventions, claiming they should be done away with because we know the nominee, his VP, and his platform by the time the convention rolls around.

Did I miss where John Kerry actually revealed his position on any issue? Oh, right, those TV ads where he wants to "strengthen homeland security, our alliances, health care, and education." As empty a vessel as "substantive due process," this man (and his words).


At 2:07 PM, July 27, 2004 , Blogger Auskunft, the Lion Hearted said...

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At 10:31 PM, July 27, 2004 , Blogger Auskunft, the Lion Hearted said...

I caught snippets of Gore's rantings last night. He commented that we have lost so many jobs the past three years, and he would know, since he was the first one laid off.

I couldn't help but laugh. His previous job, being the Vice President, took a backseat to his campaign. As Vice Pesident, he did a terrible job, going so far as to sell the secrets in his care for political contributions. So, although his "first person laid off" comment is rather meaningless tripe, let's be glad he was given no more responsibility or power to abuse.


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