Monday, July 26, 2004

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball: The World’s Longest Political Commercial

Tonight I tuned in to ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. The Yankees were playing in Boston against the Botox (err… the Boston Red Sox; I trust you can forgive the confusion, as Kerry is from there); I despise both teams, as well as baseball in general, but I was hoping to see some of the fighting that highlighted yesterday’s game (I need my hockey fix one way or another).

Anyway, every chance that the cameras had, they showed Moron Kerry sitting in the stands. It was worse than Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game. “Every chance they had” includes anytime the batter may have been ahead in the count, any time the batter was swinging, during any fly ball that probably wouldn’t be a home run, and during every home run up to the time the ball was actually sailing over the fence. I mean, it was completely ridiculous.

I thought we weren’t going to need to look for Kerry on vacation. I thought that the media disparaged President Bush for going to ball games, especially “while soldiers were dying in Iraq.” I thought Kerry actually had duties in the US Senate, but I guess I was wrong all around. Oops on me.

As if all the gratuitous camera time wasn’t bad enough, the talking faces calling the game spent a good 10 or 15 minutes interviewing the traitor. And it wasn’t a “baseball rulz!!!” interview either; Kerry tried to expound on his proposed domestic policies, his international politics, his terrorism and homeland security plans, the upcoming convention, and how evil and harmful Bush was. I wish I could find a transcript of this game, though I do not believe that is possible without paying for one. If someone can correct me, please do so.

Every single major media outlet, save Fox News and most of talk radio (so we are saying 90% or so of the main media) loves Kerry and is using any news story possible as a means of getting his name out there and promoting his agenda. Shame on you, ESPN, for following suit instead of just showing the damn game.

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball is hereby awarded the not-so-coveted Rabid Ravenous Rankled Ronstadt Raspberry Reward for their pathetic editorializing and political promotion instead of fulfilling their entertainment duties.


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