Monday, August 02, 2004

Go Us?!

As the immortal Inspector Gadget is fond of saying, “Wowzerz!” I just got back from a most wonderful (and deserved) vacation with my wonderful (and most undeserved, surely) lady-friend. (She lives near Syracuse, which could be closer for all I care.) I just drove back from upstate New York to central Pennsylvania (only stopping for a pitcher of Yuengling once! -- it was a $3 special), and the first thing I am doing is updating. Wow do I suck.

Anyway, Verny and I have been running TNS for all of what? Three weeks? I think it has been going reasonably well, and we do have at least three people who check in on a regular basis. Yep, we are going places. However, an honor of honors was granted today. I checked the Right Wing News, a regular read for me (as it should be for you) and one of the biggest reasons I am blogging myself, and I saw that we had been linked for providing traffic. I'm sure it is just the good folks at RWN giving us a break, but, for the hoards of you new fans, welcome. For John H. and everyone at RWN, thank you so very, very much.

We still don’t know what the hell we are doing, but damn if we aren’t doing it well. I’ll get bored at work tomorrow and comment on something I heard that kook Art Bell talking about as I was driving home tonight. I desperately need sleep.


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