Sunday, August 01, 2004

Mobile Vulgus

It looks so bad, doesn't it? I've heard nothing good about it in reviews, even when the reviewers were positively glowing. It's a perfect remake for Hollywood and the Left (not quite identical groups, yet). Take a silly old movie with Commies as the villains - but, of course, for many in the Left (and many in Hollywood now and especially back then), the Commies were never real villains. The real evil ones are those vicious corporations. Communism only killed a hundred million people or so; corporations actually sell products and employ workers. How can they get away with stuff like that?! Chilling, simply chilling.

I really wanted to see this movie, but I likely won't. I wanted to see it, compare it to the original, fire some volleys at the Left, and make some good journalistic hay on the whole deal. I can't bring myself to see it. I just don't watch movies. I hate movies. Some people have to see nearly ever movie ever released; not I. There's really no principle behind this - I'm not going against my inclinations to protest Hollywood. I simply have no desire to see most of what that awful place churns out. I see hackneyed premises, cornball dialogue, and the replacement of skillful montage and mise-en-scene with computer-generated special effects. It is no longer ars gratia artis, but ars gratia...populi (correct my grammar, which has lapsed over the years). The public is notoriously devoid of taste, preferring the gross to the subtle, and movies appeal to that directly. Movies are no longer art but entertainment. My aversion to the media is not conscious, either; I unconsciously shun films in general because I have had so much experience of so much that is terrible.

I don't hate Hollywood for being Leftist; there are so many better reasons to hate it.


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