Monday, June 06, 2005

Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay?

Well, if this doesn't beat all:

Joan Felt, who played a pivotal role in unraveling the 30-year secret that her father was the mysterious "Deep Throat" source, says he is lucid and feels reassured that he made the right decision.

Well, the only thing that I am interested in is the fact that so-called Deep Throat is still alive and aware. After all, that means he is fit to be tried and sentenced for his actions. There cannot be any claim about mental stability or competence to stand trial now; not that a trial would be necessary, as he has already pleaded guilty to his crime.

As both praise and criticism of Joan Felt and her family swirled last week in the national media, she disclosed the family's motivations for coming forward now, why money was a family consideration and how her father remains a "sensible and wise" participant.

Let's consider this paragraph now. There were so-called "reasons" for coming forward, with so-called Deep Throat himself contributing to the family's internal dialog, and the only reason mentioned at all was money.

In other words, the family felt they were entitled to profit from silly ol' grampa's crimes.

"There were many reasons why we decided to do it. I won't deny that to make money is one of them," Felt said. "My son, Nick, is in law school and he'll owe $100,000 by the time he graduates. I'm still a single mom, still supporting them to one degree or another, and I am not ashamed of this," Felt said.

Oh! The irony! Let's pay for junior's law school with profits from grossly illegal activities. The sad thing is, this wouldn't be considered an ethical and moral dilemma today like it would have been a generation or two ago. Besides, wasn't this so-called Deep Throat supposed to be a hero of the people, a selfless crusader against the evil Administration? This "selflessness" sure evaporated when profits were more or less guaranteed.

I am simply fed up with this entire ordeal. I sure wish the libs would celebrate Linda Tripp the same way they do this so-called Deep Throat. Maybe if she had a disgusting sex name more Americans would have liked her.


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