Sunday, May 29, 2005

Annan Reputation Apparently Untarnished by Scandal

Children seek food from UN's Annan in south Sudan - those poor kids are so hungry, they actually think Kofi Annan will bother to help them! Maybe they should pick up a newspaper and read a bit about the UN's track record of providing food to starving people, or of actually ending oppression and conflict instead of propping up petty dictators.

There is hope, though:
The southern conflict that erupted in 1983 claimed 2 million lives and spread across the south of the country, which has substantial oil reserves.
Sudan has oil! Awesome. Kofi can set up a phony Oil for Food program to drain the precious black gold out of the country, then. Not that it really helps the starving kids, though. UN humanitarian aid tends to be like that - a way to stuff already bloated bureaucracies while doling out nothing but pretty words and tender, heartfelt, but empty promises to those actually in need.

Let's make Sudan another Iraq! That is, the UN can totally fail and cynically profit off the suffering of its people, and then the US will come in and do the right thing.


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