Thursday, May 12, 2005

Judges > You and Your Votes

Well, they just did it. A federal judge, appointed by that rat Clinton (whichever one was President that day) overturned a State Constitutional Amendment approved by the voters of Nebraska.
LINCOLN, Neb. — A federal judge today struck down Nebraska's ban on gay marriage, saying the measure interferes not only with the rights of gay couples but also with those of foster parents, adopted children and people in a host of other living arrangements.
What utter, utter bullshit. Nebraskans voted overwhelmingly for this amendment. But one federal judge trumps all those voters.
The challenge was filed by the gay rights organization Lambda Legal and the ACLU's Lesbian and Gay Project.
And where is that sick and twisted organization from? That's right: New York. It wasn't even challenged by a Nebraskan organization.

Wow! What did the courts just use to wipe their collective ass? Oh that's right -- the State's rights.

Props to Michael Savage for breaking this story.


At 7:57 PM, May 13, 2005 , Blogger Hunter said...

He'll get overruled. He interpreted the amendment as broadly as possible to overturn it.


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