Tuesday, May 03, 2005

True Colors?

Can someone please tell me why the AARP, which supposedly exists to represent “Retired People” (hence the name) is opposed to Bush’s Social Security plan that wouldn’t change one lousy tiny itsy-bitsy little thing for anyone 55 or over, as well as ALL retired people? So, the AARP, which recognizes the long term financial problems with Social Security, doesn’t want to even take a second to consider the President’s plan to fix it, knowing full well that NONE of their members would be affected. I wonder why that is. It couldn’t be because the AARP is just another left-associated special interest group, analogous to the groups they wildly claim cloud the President’s judgment, could it?

I heard an excerpt from the latest AARP Bulletin read on the radio this morning, but cannot find a link to the actual quote. The quote was basically, “Bush is allowing special interests to push him to privatize, these special interests being the banking industry and mutual funds and the like.” If I do find the actual quote I will link it later.


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