Monday, May 02, 2005

Hey, ABC News - Stop Giving Comfort to Our Enemies!

Italy Expected to Challenge U.S. Report

Italy is challenging a U.S. report that cleared American soldiers of wrongdoing in the shooting of an Italian agent in Baghdad, a case that has sorely tested one of Washington's staunchest allies in Iraq.
Why would it test Italy's loyalty to us that an ultra-liberal journalist from that country faked her own kidnapping and supported terrorism, and then felt she was too good to slow down and got the person who "rescued her" shot up? I don't blame Italy for that - I blame the media. Like ABC! ABC is testing me, and as with all tests, I broke the curve.

What a ridiculous article. What a treasonous article.
The U.S. investigation said the incident might have been prevented by better coordination between the Italian government and U.S. forces in Iraq. It also said that the vehicle failed to slow down as it approached the checkpoint and that the soldiers who fired acted according to the rules of engagement.

The Italian report contends U.S. authorities were informed of the operation several hours before the shooting and were told of Sgrena's release 25 minutes before Calipari was killed, Italian newspapers said.
Yeah when I see a vehicle barreling towards me at 60 mph in freaking Iraq, it's only logical for me to conclude you're a terrorist trying to overpower my checkpoint. Time to melt some machinegun barrels! But, of course, since the U.S. was informed of it, it was cool for the Italian idiots not to follow protocol.



At 3:42 PM, May 02, 2005 , Anonymous night heron said...

ABC the Awful Broadcasting Company is your typical liberal left-wing news meia giving aid and comfort to the terrorists just what shall we do with them HANG THEM


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