Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Berating Scalia NOT Cool?

The dean of NYU's School of Law had something to say about the tasteless harassment of Justice Scalia. And it wasn't encouragement! Hard to believe, no?

It seems that Dean Revesz sent an e-mail to everyone in the law school that was a little critical of the recent protest of Scalia's visit.

In an e-mail sent out on April 15, Revesz described law student Eric Berndt's question to Scalia during a Q-and-A session, "Do you sodomize your wife?" as being "immature and inappropriate."
Oh the horror! A dean of a law school thinks that this type of "protest" is not appropriate and might even reflect badly on the school? Obviously he needs to be re-educated, right? Here is the real money shot of the whole story:
"Those of us who protested were portrayed as immature and lacking in respect, when in fact this was a well-thought-out, political demonstration," said Prindle, a leader in organizing the demonstrations. Prindle also challenged the appropriateness of Revesz's condemnation of the protest.
Well! Leaving aside the fact we have an entire generation of punks growing up now who feel they are entitled to everything, let's just take a look at what the protestors said and how it was characterized. Justice Scalia was asked as part of what was supposed to be a legitimate Q&A session if he sodomizes his wife. The dean then said that these actions were immature. Can someone find the problem here, because I sure can't. Most of those punks in law school are immature brats who throw tantrums. They might wear ties and be given 4.0s in Anti-America 101, but they are still immature little brats throwing tantrums.

All this, of course, leaves aside the fact that these students still don't understand the purpose of the courts and the Constitution since they are still hung up on the sodomy issue, when there was never a guarantee to privacy in the first place. But that isn't the issue here.

Let's all just remember that asking someone if he sodomizes his wife is "well-thought-out."


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