Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Report: Person who Froze Mother's Corpse May Be Weird

Man Who Put Mom in Freezer Had Odd History

I did not alter that headline at all, in case you were wondering. Because, I know, it's anything but self-evident that this guy might be a little...odd:
Schuth had kept his mother's remains in a basement freezer for years while he went on collecting her Social Security checks.
Once, Mitchell said, he gave Schuth a ride to a grocery store where Schuth bought $150 worth of Spam. The next day, he gave him a ride to a department store, where Schuth piled three shopping carts full of toilet paper.
When I heard about how this guy lived with his mother for so long and had her remains in his freezer, I immediately thought of that episode of Cheers where everyone thinks Cliff's killed his mother. But there's a lesson in all this: if you think someone is weird, he probably is. Check his freezer.


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