Friday, April 29, 2005

More Weapons, err..., Food in Schools

Well, this is amusing. Thanks to a local busybody and the absolutely freaked-out society in which we live, a junior high school was locked down becuase of a burrito.
It wasn’t a gun that caused police to lock down Marshall Junior High School in Clovis. It was a burrito.

Police locked the school down after a citizen saw a student walking into school with a long, skinny object wrapped in a white cloth. He thought it was a gun and called police.

Officers searched for the student while the school was on lockdown. But the student came forward first, admitting he had what they were looking for – a two-and-a-half-foot-long burrito.

The student had taken the burrito, wrapped in foil and a white cloth, to present in a culinary career class. It was loaded – with meat and beans.

Police called the incident a good exercise for all of the officers who responded to the school.

One observer joked that with the right combination of ingredients, the burrito could have been a deadly weapon.
Wonder if the Home-Ec teacher will be arrested on WMD charges.


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