Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another Example of "Shut Up Please"

Now, I know that LiveJournal is for, essentially, those of us with an IQ below 70. That is well established, and can be verified by ever reading any of them. However, I do occasionally come across something that either depresses me more than usual, or angers me..., umm..., more than usual. This is an example of one of those, from someone I used to know and used to respect a little.
The Big Deal?
What is the big deal about letting gays be just like anyone else.
Well, isn’t this first sentence already the epitome of irony? First of all, if they are gay, then they are in a minority, and as such, they are already NOT like everyone else. That’s, you know, the idea behind a “minority.” Furthermore, what’s with this “letting them” nonsense? Is he claiming that he, or everyone for that matter, is in the position to let gays be something?
It doens't hurt anyone and yet I see people on tv blasting gays, expecially republicans and religious wackos.
At least he had the courtesy to differentiate between Republicans and these religious “wackos.” Not that we have any examples of prime-time gay bashing or anything to that effect, but if citing sources was all that important, blanket claims such as this one couldn’t be made in the first place anyway. However, contrary to this here “blasting” of the Republicans, there are many examples of Republicans who have no problem with homosexuals or homosexuality and have no problem letting that be known. Dick Cheney, anyone?
Leave them be.
Exactly the Republicans’ point. Quit dredging up homosexuality as some sort of political issue.
If they like to do something that you don't, then let them have the freedom to do that.
Again, my exact point. People make the choice to smoke, and I don’t care. People choose to drink, and I don’t care. People choose to believe in any supreme being they want, or none at all, and I don’t care. People choose to be with someone of their own sex, rather than follow the pattern of nature, and I don’t care. That is not to say that I agree with all or any of these activities. However, I am not actively preaching to you a way to act, and I expect the same in return.
I've seen pastors preach about tolerance and blast gays in the same sermon.
Well, as this goes on, I become more and more curious about the meaning of “blasting.” I can safely assert that this individual never once saw a pastor in the years and years I knew him, but even still, I am willing to bet that the pastors in question said that homosexuality is a sin. And, of course, said pastors would be correct, since that is what the Bible says. If you don’t like the tenets of Christianity, that is your choice. However, it is NOT your place to tell Christians what they can and cannot believe. All these pastors also preach to “love the sinner yet hate the sin.” Homosexuality is viewed as a sin, but homosexuals are people in need of guidance, just like everyone else.
I'm not gay but it pisses me off how just because they don't get arroused at the same things other people do, that makes them unbearable.
I could repeat everything I just said, but what would be the point? Apparently, though, our author friend is holding tight to the belief that if you cannot make a point, don’t make it over and over and over.
I'm going to be just as intolerant and say that anyone who is against gay rights in any way secretly thought of butt fucking the Jesus statue hanging in the front of the church on sundays. No, Jesus doesn't need another 9 inch nail anywhere, sicko.
Wow! We sure go out with a bang. Does anything in those sentences make sense? No. It isn’t even intolerance to just make a wild and unfounded accusation about a group of people. At least hate them or something; that would prove your intolerance. And, of course, no idiotic rant would be complete without some blasphemous remarks out of left field. I guess the thought is crazy non sequiturs like this will confuse you and shock you so much that you would ignore the incoherent hateful ramblings in the above paragraph. Better luck next time.

Oh, and with the pitiful way that you actually penned these “thoughts” I am sure the pro-homosexual lobby would rather do without your support. And we wonder why the government finally thought it might be a good idea to hold the schools accountable to certain standards as far as mathematics and language are concerned.


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