Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kramnik Sucks

Kramnik - whoops, worthless!

I am in a foul mood, so you must make do with quotes:
I know the opinion that there is totalitarian rule in Russia. I don’t like it too much that Kasparov is now proclaiming that he wants more democracy in our country. Sure there are problems, without a doubt. But I live in this country and can see that things are handled in a more or less democratic fashion. There are lots of people who speak out against Putin, and nothing happens to them. A large part of the Russian press is oppositional, but they continue to exist and nobody does anything against them. It is clear that it is quite easy to find support for Kasparov’s position in the West. But I think he is not in any personal danger.
Yeah all Putin did was say he misses the Soviet Union.
Back to chess. You call yourself the “Classical Chess World Champion”. Can you tell us who invented this title?

Neither me nor my management, as some people claim. We did not need to invent something new. This title exists practically since the days of Wilhelm Steinitz. He was the first official world chess champion, even if Morphy and Anderssen played earlier matches in an attempt to determine who was the strongest player in the world. Since Steinitz there is a classical line of champions, and I am standing at the other end of this line. Whether you call it the classical world championship or simply world championship doesn’t really make a difference. The exact name is secondary. The important thing is that a great tradition that has lasted for more than a century should be continued.
I know that certain people accuse me of making too many draws. But that is not based on the facts. They should study my tournament statistics.
You played like a coward in a match for a world title. Deal.


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