Thursday, May 26, 2005

France Does Something Right!?

Yeah, that's what I said. Read the title again, just to let it sink in. True, the Red Socks won the World Series, but that pales in comparison to what we have here: France set to decree, as a nation, that they DON'T want to take it up the ass from the so-called EU.
THE leader of France’s ruling party has privately admitted that Sunday’s referendum on the European constitution will result in a "no" vote, throwing Europe into turmoil.

"The thing is lost," Nicolas Sarkozy told French ministers during an ill-tempered meeting. "It will be a little 'no' or a big 'no'," he was quoted as telling Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the Prime Minister, whom he accused of leading a feeble campaign.
Well how about that? Despite the vicious campaigning, people saw this so-called constitution for what it was: a farewell note to their national identity and independence in the name of political correctness and liberalism.

While I am happy to see this thing go down in flames, the sadistic part of me almost wanted to see it succeed at the ballot box so that it could fail miserably in the real world. Europe couldn't compete with the US, in ANYTHING, since... when? The early 1800's. Screw them all anyway.

Hat tip to Drudge for the link.


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