Friday, June 03, 2005

Slavery Exists

Despite the bizarre term used for it.

Really, I don't have much to say about this story. Marxists and Democrats and Democrats (whoops, twice redundant!) have so watered down the meaning of the term slavery, by applying it to labor conditions like Wal-Mart, where people work forty hours a week in safe conditions and make enough money for cable TV, food enough to keep them fat (they work at Wal-Mart, after all), rent, &c., that the real human rights issue of slavery is difficult to work up much indignation about. If everyone who works for a corporation is a slave, and we see that these apparent slaves actually have the right to leave work at any time, and are making plenty of money to keep themselves and their families alive, then the word's so weak and meaningless that it won't engender the approriate revulsion when it's used correctly.

Maybe that's the origin of this "human trafficking" phrase - since slavery's lost its meaning, we need to express the inhuman injustice of buying and selling people like property in different terms. I still think "slavery" is pretty loaded with meaning, if you aren't a self-important idiot of a Bolshevik, and "human trafficking" actually sounds rather...politically correct to me.

Owners and dealers of slaves don't deserve such semantic kid gloves.

Oh, and if you thought slavery was a thing white people invented to oppress blacks, yeah, you were way off base. Nor did the practice end in 1865. FYI, liberals.


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