Sunday, June 05, 2005

Leko vs. Adams: Wake Me Up When It's Over

I was all set to mock Peter Leko, the loser (who drew his match!) against Kramnik for the BS Fake Chess World Championship (not to be confused with the FIDE tournament of the same name), when suddenly he went 3-0 after his 0-3 start. Now his match with Adams is tied. Instead of laughing at Leko for being a weak-sauce pathetic player, I have to laugh at both Adams and Leko (and who can resist mocking Kramnik for drawing with the latter loser?).

Oh boy!

Instead of critiquing the chess, and being all boring, like I usually am, I want you to look at something...

Leko's wife.

Darn! Way to go, Peter. She's not that hot in the face but she has a great rack. As a fellow nerd, I must say, you've chosen to settle wisely.

Irreverent? Yeah. Deal with it.


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