Thursday, August 19, 2004


Lately, I have been too fried from working full time with a high school marching ensemble on top of my regular job to actually do any serious thinking or writing. My head has, however, become cluttered with different and random musings, so I put them here for you.

ATHF R.I.P. … err…, well…, R.
Cartoon Network decided to end the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Oh well. When the series started, it was so fresh and off the wall that it was funny. The first Mooninites episode, for instance, was hilarious. But, after the first season, the series “jumped the shark” as the saying goes. The writers spent huge amounts of time trying to recycle the three funny jokes from the first few episodes rather than just writing new stuff. The rest of it was down hill from there. Shake and Meatwad became parodies of themselves, and, given how annoying they were to begin with, this made them nearly insufferable. The series ended with two entire seasons without so much as a notable line, let alone a memorable episode. It is high time the series was ended, and I wish CN good luck on the creation of a new non-sucking show to take its place.

Funny Joke (some assembly required)
I haven’t had the energy to refine this, but I have collected all the ingredients for a moderately funny joke. John Edwards has recently been making fun of the Bush campaign’s slogan about “turning the corner.” However, just around the corner for Edwards is… puberty. He probably can’t wait.

XS Energy Drink
I was given a carbonated energy drink. It is in one of those slim cans, coming in at only 8.4 fluid ounces. The flavor, Electric Lemon Blast, though far from bad, wasn’t exactly something to write home about. All in all, it was a regular energy drink that got me through a 6 hour drive. What caught my eye was what I read in the Nutrition Facts on the side of the can. Though this drink has 0% of the daily value of vitamins A and C, as well as 0% of calcium and iron, it does have a full 100% of vitamins B3 and B5. Vitamin B6, though, comes in at 300% of the recommended daily allowance. Perhaps I have led a sheltered life, but I don’t recall ever seeing a 300% on the side of food packaging. But this is just the start. Drinking this beverage will ensure that I never develop pernicious anemia, since vitamin B12 weighs in at a whopping 4900% of the recommended daily allowance. Yes, that is 4.9*10^3. I have never seen anything proclaim to have 4900% of the daily value (though I think I may have hit that once or twice with vodka). I just thought this was somehow newsworthy. 4900%.Wow. Whatever.

The Olympics…
Suck. Big time. I love having my life interrupted for two weeks or whatever because a bunch of activities that are very generously called sports send a million talking heads into a frenzy all over the TV. Most of that crap isn’t even a sport, and a majority of those that are certainly aren’t worth watching. Furthermore, the big name sports such as basketball and tennis allow professionals to participate. I can’t wait for this moronic spectacle to be over.

That’s all. For now. Once the intro to the marching band season is over I will have more time to actually create better posts. Until that time, I am sure Verny will keep you all entertained and informed.


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