Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Official

I am doubleplusunsmart. I somehow managed to forget my username. Blogging should be more frequent than "never" or "once a year" now.

I wonder why every blogging law student has nothing but complaints about law school. I suppose that someone who is enjoying law school, being a total psychopath, is probably not going to blog about law school. Instead, such people probably blog about how much they enjoy the Holocaust, or, in the alternative, how deep the Holocaust myth has pervaded the intellectual community.

Holocaust denial - just when you thought conspiracy theorists were harmless, pathetic loners, HD is here to make you weep for the future. Presidents of countries, influential political figures, tenured academics - all sorts of people that might be expected (at least hoped) to manifest common sense, all people capable of engaging in these tiresome antics.

I think it's a sort of cognitive dissonance, something monopolized by the intellectual. That is not to say that every intellectual is bound to say "both A and ~A, at the same time, are true," but rather that such baffling illogic is something I encounter daily among professors and intellectually-capable students.

Example: A law student claimed that, by requiring that any discussion of the Geneva Convention should begin by interpreting the text of the Convention, I was showing that I had no respect for law. Law, apparently, consists in formulating subjective opinions of the way the world ought to work, and then utterly fudging the meanings of treaties, conventions, statutes, and common law so that what clearly says one thing is "interpreted" to mean exactly what you already knew it meant. Respect for the law, then, consists precisely in disregarding whatever the law is and substituting your own deeply-held beliefs of what the law would be, if only I could write it.

I fail to respect the law, because I respect the law.

I'd like law school a lot better if it weren't populated with law students.



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