Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blog Lives! and Bolton Bores

Why even bother trying to revive this thing at this point?

Because we believe in a cause enough to give our twenty readers a day something half-amusing, half-serious, and all angry to read, every day, or week, or...how long has it been, anyway?

In all seriousness, I'm no hardcore blogger quite yet, and blogging is something I can only do in a good mood, when I feel motivated, and lately, that has not been the case. Enough of that, though. News occurs.

Bolton is in and I really wish I could muster up the energy to give a damn.

I mean, there are a couple of good, solid, intelligent positions to hold that will generate debate and put me on one side of the "fence" or the other:

1. I can decry Bush's "sneaky" method of getting Bolton in as ambassador. Even if I don't really disagree, I can pretend to be so principled that I will abandon the party line when the leader of my party does an apparent wrong. This makes me seem like a man of character and not a party shill.

2. I can applaud Bush for putting a strong, solidly conservative man into a position where he will be needed to fight for our foreign policy concerns. What we need was a tough man, not another bureaucrat to get lost in a sea of pathetic, miserable, self-serving bureaucrats from hundreds of countries.

I can't really be brought to care, beyond shaking my head at the self-destruct of the MSM - read that article and see how Bolton's quotes have been ripped out of context, how the author has editorialized on principles he has no basis for assuming Bolton even has, and so on.

The real point is, the UN ambassador doesn't matter because Bush, THANKFULLY, is not a total twit and realizes that the UN is a corrupt organization of thieves and PR men for dictators. The world needs the UN like it needs a hole in the head (UN peacekeepers seem good at doing that), and Bush knows it. He and I don't really care who the UN ambassador is because we both know that the once-stupid, now stupid and evil and irrelevant body of hot air factories is a parody of itself.

The best thing that can happen is that we will stop wasting money on the UN just because we have so much of it and feel obligated not to look like cheapskates. Here's an idea, from the President himself - stop (indirectly) funding terrorism, because that makes you as bad as the terrorists themselves! Arrest all UN personnel in our country and shut down the headquarters, before they greedily steal the food from another Iraqi mouth or send some peacekeepers to mow down civilians!

How about that for a blog entry?


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