Thursday, June 30, 2005

Reverse Race-Baiting? I'll Pass.

Attention Michelle Malkin: leave the race-baiting to the libs.

Can we overreact just a little more, please? The facts: the representation of blacks in visual media in the early 20th century exaggerated some facial features for comic effect. It's called caricature. Generally such representations are considered offensive today, and no one (well, except liberal cartoonists, themselves somehow exempt from being civilized) would dare to draw them. Of course, I'm still unsure what's so racist about the images themselves - if we want to talk about racist exaggeration, the stereotypical portrayal of the speech of blacks was about three thousand times more offensive than these stupid caricatures.

So, anyway, blacks used to be drawn in offensive ways. It's a historical fact. And some really entertaining things were drawn in decades when people did not have our enlightened racial attitudes. To suggest that the commemoration of this comic book's history is intended as a racial insult is pretty...well, moonbat. In fact, aren't the libs supposed to have a near-monopoly on PC policing? How about we acknowledge that things were different, this stamp is intended not to perpetuate racial stereotypes but to celebrate some comic book (I bet it sucks but does that matter? It's Mexico! [hehe]), and stop trying to take over the Left's worst character traits?


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