Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pee and BS

Well, everyone is atwitter about the House's plan to slash the free cash they give to so-called "Public" TV and radio stations. Oh the horror!

[These] funds are particularly important for small TV and radio stations and account for about 15 percent of the public broadcasting industry's total revenue.

Oh dear merciful Ford in Heaven! Fifteen percent!! The world as we know it will surely end now, what with the blatant bias and shoddy half-truth-embracing "news" and "cultural programming" being affected slightly. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe they could all figure out how to better run their stations and nothing will be affected at all -- save my taxes which will not be used to such an extent for this garbage anymore.

"Americans overwhelmingly see public broadcasting as an unbiased information source," Rep. David Obey (Wis.), the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee, said in a statement. "Perhaps that's what the GOP finds so offensive about it. Republican leaders are trying to bring every facet of the federal government under their control. . . . Now they are trying to put their ideological stamp on public broadcasting."

Wow what a collection of nonsense, David. Thanks for giving my brain cancer with your ridiculous claims and non sequiturs. Americans do NOT believe that public broadcasting is bias-free; unlike you, however, I spent a few precious seconds of my time to find sources. Here is one example though I am quick to tell you a poll is a poll (and a roll is a roll, and...,). However, at least someone attempted to sort all this out, unlike Rep. disObey, who just makes crazy claims about the American people. This isn't, however, even the biggest issue I take with his statement; how is trying to prevent wasting as much money as possible by taking a little from the so-called public TV and radio tantamount to "trying to bring every facet of the federal government under their control"? Are the scary and evil Republicans trying to hog the remote now, too? Is that what this is all about? Because I can scarcely think that increasing the federal spending on TV stations, just not as much as the stations had hoped, is scarcely a usurpation of power. Prince John didn't suddenly take control of all of England by granting lavish funds to the puppeteers while not quite giving them everything they wanted and didn't earn. That whole sentence is ridiculous. Just like Obey and all this whining. All of you, grow up and earn a living.


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