Thursday, June 09, 2005

Media Continue to Dig Own Grave

Not long after these scumbags were arrested, even before I could Google the story (having heard a bit about it on the radio) we have the "pro-terrorist" side of the story! Thank you, MSM.
"They're regular people. They've never talked against their own country," said Usama Ismail, 19, Hamid Hayat's cousin. "They've never said 'I want to hurt anyone, I want to kill anyone.' They're not that kind of people. They're warm-hearted people."
It's a good thing they interview this entirely unbiased person with a neutral perspective...wait, did that say Hamid Hayat's cousin?!?! Why do I even have to read such obvious lies? The media aren't stupid, so they know this kid is full of it - why bother even reporting it? A pathetic attempt to instill doubt that only an idiot could fall for?

I have an idea. Since we've been told over and over that the mass media, being owned by large corporations, are merely tools of corporate interest, let's take that bizarre piece of conspiracy-mongering at face value. The media are out to make a buck. When, do you think, were the ratings for news channels at a sustained high? Perhaps, during and after the 9/11 attacks? So, according to this liberal-inspired logic (the idea that the media are Right-biased in favor of corporations being a standard liberal fantasy), the media would have great motivation to downplay all real terror threats so that another attack could happen, giving the news networks that much more market share. How else do you explain the fact that the ink isn't even dry on this story and already we have a blatantly anti-truth, anti-journalistic integrity, pro-terrorist version of it?

Rathergate, Korangate, this...hey, MSM, I think that coffin has enough nails.


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