Monday, June 13, 2005

I Got Their "T" Right Here...

Wow. Check out this e-mail I just got:

The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity is pleased to offer all faculty and staff a workshop on transgender issues, Understanding the 'T' in LGBTA.
Everything from basic definitions to gender identity and expression and inter-sexuality will be covered in this informative and fun workshop. The workshop will include video, personal stories and informal discussion as well as resource information.

All emphasis original -- ed.

I am glad that this is what my job has come to: a workshop on basic definitions of sexual... ummm... whatever. I already know these definitions: men shoot DNA and women receive it. THAT'S ALL THERE IS.

If you want to be a deviant, that is your decision, but I don't see how we need to use money ripped from the students under the guise of "tuition" to fund a so-called "workshop" to celebrate this nonsense. If people's lifestyle choices are going to start impacting MY job, then by golly there is a bigger problem than understanding what a transsexual is.


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