Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blog Business

Greetings, all. Here at The New Skeptic we try to buck all the conventional blog wisdom. Those pesky platitudes about silly things like posting? Not here, brother! We all apparently have too much tome for that (yes that's what I meant). Anyway, as you can see (if you have ever visited in the past) changes are underway here. The new template has survived its first week with no major problems, though it is a work still (or more likely perpetually) in progress. Remember the terrible puke-green colors of the past? Yeah that was awful. Funny, isn't it, that we can invest so much time in silly things like templates, and yet the lack of any formal training makes the result far inferior to many other blogs out there. At one point we thought we would make up the difference with outstanding content. We still might enact that plan at some point. Deal with it.

The TNS Forums were on a roll for a good long time, but, like the street junkie who gets that extra molecule of crack at just the wrong time, their heart just stopped beating all of a sudden; darn if they aren't resisting any attempt to be revived. We'll see what happens with that.

Finally, as for myself, Lady Lion Hearted and I moved to a new house across town about a week and a half ago, and I am still without internet service there. Actually, I probably will be without cable until she gets a job, so..., yeah. I can usually get away with some of this at work, but I don't like to press my luck too hard. Usually I just avail myself of my office after hours.

That's it; we are still alive, and things will begin to pick up a little in a moment, I promise you. Meanwhile, why not check out the blogs I have listed over to the side? I put them there because they are some of the very best and are quite favored by me. The lists will expand soon, as I make myself do more housekeeping around here, so check them out now why don't you?


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