Sunday, April 17, 2005

Prayers for Sarah

For those of you who weren't aware, a 13-year-old girl went missing in Florida recently. Now, authorities believe they found her.

I really can't add much to the story, but I do want to point out that police have a former sex offender in custody for some reason or other, even though he is not yet technically a suspect.

I am of the opinion that, should a former sex offender be found guilty in cases like this, said offender should be put to death in a quick fashion. I mean, we know these people are sex offenders, and still let them loose in society without supervision? OOPS! If they discover this scumbag did it, I vote for pushing him out of an airplane at 20 000 feet over the pond where he left the girl's body.

The creep must die.

UPDATE: (4/18/05) Well that creep they already had in custody admitted killing Sarah. Someone please tell me why should this creep live past the weekend? Really? He admitted killing a little girl and he is ALREADY a convicted sex offender. Hi, death!


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