Thursday, April 14, 2005

Laws Upheld?! Courts Correct!?

Wow!! Who would have guessed that the Supreme Court of Oregon would actually rule in favor of the law?

The sad thing is that we need to be amazed by the courts doing this.

The court noted that last November, Oregonians approved a constitutional amendment that limits marriages to a man and a woman. The court also said that long before that vote, state law had set the same limitations on marriages since Oregon became a state.

So, in other words, the county that issued these marriage licenses was breaking the law. I read the article twice, though, and read nothing about the people who will pay for their crimes. There was no mention of fines, jail time, impeachment, or any sort of punishment for the people who took it upon themselves to shred the laws of Oregon. If only I could break laws as old as my state and get away with it with absolutely no consequences...


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