Monday, April 11, 2005

Cooperation Between China and India

This should worry you.

I don't think it's wrong for me to want enmity between China and any other country in the world, and I'm especially concerned that a potential power like India, with its large population and slowly developing economy, not play nice with Communist tyranny's new great hope.
Relations between the nuclear powers, who fought a brief war in 1962 over the border issue, have steadily improved and their rapid emergence as economic superpowers forms a strong foundation for greater cooperation.
That's what worries me.
India's The Hindu newspaper reported Wen has brought an official Chinese map for Singh showing the tiny Himalayan region of Sikkim as part of India, instead of a separate country as it had been shown in the past.

China has never officially recognized India's 1975 annexation of the territory, once an independent princely kingdom.
So China is making insignificant concessions that cost practically nothing, and in return...yes, I'm worried. India doesn't know how to play diplomatic hardball, or is just desperate for allies.
"If India and China cooperate in the IT industry, we will be able to lead the world ... and it will signify the coming of the Asian century of the IT industry," Wen said on Sunday.
"...we will be able to lead the world..." That was rather blunt, wasn't it? I think we should all look with concern upon this potential alliance, and fast-track the "Get China to stop being an imperialist Communist power" plan I've suggested in the forums.

Oh, and if your committment to human rights and the security of the world for future generations is overmatched by your egoism, consider the effect on the price of oil of this projected economic cooperation. China is already driving oil to intolerable prices; what if India's industry were suddenly to require as much petroleum?


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