Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Pope Has Died

Instead of musings on his death (I can't say anything that hasn't already been said), I'll do some metamusings.

Someone didn't find the Pope's death all that sad:
"I cannot say I will regret his passing. As a godless atheist I never cared much for the church or the papacy. I disliked the fact that the Papacy bore down so heavily on Poland," Jerzy Urban told Reuters in a telephone interview.
Do the media really have to be so "balanced" as to find a nut who could actually take the position that the Pope's death isn't a bad thing? Or maybe this is more eulogy for him - I can only hope my death will be satisfying to Commies.

Even he got things wrong.
“He was also an example for interfaith cooperation. He was a clear supporter of the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian people and that is why he welcomed (late Palestinian leader) Yasser Arafat so many times to his palace.”
Ouch. Given that the Pope also helped overthrow Communism, I'm willing to forget his support for a terrorist. Maybe the source has it wrong, anyway.

You mean the Pope had moral standards?
His was not an "accommodating" Catholicism, yet his views were more complex than his pronouncements on moral issues suggested.
Of course, being "complex" is good! You don't want to be such a boring bourgeois dolt as to say that what's wrong is wrong, and what's right is right. So it's just lucky that JPII redeemed himself in the eyes of the Left or else his opposition to sticking your member into anyone (or, hell, anything - the global Left includes Holland) your lust moves you to screw would condemn him to liberal Hell.

Blah, a great and good man died and I cannot stand what the media are that they have to cover it this way, and make such a damn "statement" about it all.

Requiescat in pace.


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