Saturday, March 12, 2005

The New Skeptic Forums

The New Skeptic has been neglected for several months; I thought it time to revive it and attempt to raise a forum-based community around the blog. In this way we can perhaps take and respond to feedback and also discuss issues not pertaining directly to any blog entries. Though the forum will be small at first and perhaps receive no more content than the blog (and perhaps even less), I hope that interest and membership will grow.

The forums are designed to discuss issues of political and philosophical interest, as well as to find opponents for chess, to organize informal tournaments and ladders, and to discuss and play other games besides. Chess is a great interest of mine and Auskunft's, and if nothing else you will find here a place to meet opponents of intermediate (club) caliber who are genuinely interested in playing and improving.

If the forums sound interesting to you, please find them at this link and register; we have controlled the membership so as to require validation before one can post and view anything beyond the general rules, in order to keep spammers and other rabble out. If you find the place rather bare of content, well that ought only to encourage you to fill it and contribute!


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