Wednesday, March 16, 2005

UN Success

What follows is a comprehensive and exhaustive list of all that the United Nations has accomplished in its six decades. Naturally I spent years poring over historical records and analyzing the many initiatives with which the UN was involved, and evaluating their effects. I expect to publish this work in several volumes to chronicle the good that the UN has accomplished in this world and hint at the good it may still accomplish.

For now, though, the list, and note that I will list things that the UN did with the help of other organizations as well as things the UN did largely on its own.

-eradicated smallpox

What preceded was a complete list. If anything on this list appears to be mistaken, please inform me with citations of works that establish why my list is overly broad and I will eliminate those items which I included in error. I admit that the list appears on its face to be a bit long and perhaps I was overzealous in giving the UN credit for some things.


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