Saturday, April 16, 2005

Trouble Follows Kasparov

Garry Kasparov cannot avoid being a target. The essential details: Kasparov, always interested in Russian politics, is now getting more heavily involved because he hates Putin so much. So he meets with some young political activists. One of these guys hits him over the head with a chessboard. Garry's doing OK so I can safely call this hi-larious.

This is funny:
"I do not regard Kasparov as a major political figure, but that notwithstanding, it is wrong to assail anyone," said Limonov.
Soooo Kasparov was so irrelevant a political figure that Limonov's party thought it important to assault him? Riiiight. See, I ignore irrelevant people, but I guess the Russians have a different strategy. Oh, and:
National Bolshevik political party
Yeah, it makes me feel warm inside that a party in Russia can call itself that. How's Germany's National Socialist party doing?


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