Thursday, May 01, 2008

Shaking with Rage

Oh hi. I'll be done with finals one week from today, and I hope to blog about actual things that happened in the 18th century (as usual).

For now, why is a person with a four-year degree and two-thirds of a doctoral degree begging for an unpaid job? I know, there must be some explanation for this that makes me look like I'm out of touch. Here's another question - why can't employers give you any sort of response to your attempt to work for them? Given the means I have indicated I can be reached by, I would expect one of the following: a letter; a postcard; a phone call; an e-mail. An e-mail saying "You are an awful person and wasted our time even applying" would take how long to send, exactly?

This is a discourteous and, dare I say, unprofessional way to run a job search. That goes to all of you.

No, sorry, that didn't come out right. This bullshit is fucking rude. There. That's better.

I am really getting pissed off at the lack of care people take with their jobs. It's a signal to me, actually - if you can't be a human fucking being while hiring someone, you aren't a very good employer anyway.

Now, I know, this is the way things are done. I am a peon and should feel lucky even to have my resume shredded by someone. But this insane way of hiring law students is the way it is because it's an artificial world where laziness and jerking people around reign supreme. I am baffled as I approach the day (only a year away - how can that be?) when I will have a graduate degree and I still seriously have to consider working in fast food to pay my bills. I am further baffled that, if grades really are as important to this process as I've heard they are, then more than half of my class is actually doing worse than I am at finding employment. What could that possibly mean? Is the bottom 10% of my class actually getting rejected by the public defender's office? Or, worse, is McDonald's taking a look at the 2.5 GPA and thinking "Can we really afford to let this idiot flip our burgers?"

Granted, I am not at Harvard Law School, but I am at a tier 2 school, and more than half of the ABA-approved law schools in this country are ranked below mine. What can this mean for students of those law schools? Is it the case that 60, 70, 80 percent of the law school population can't even get a fucking brush-off e-mail from a state judge they tried to clerk for?

This summer is apparently going to be the last time in a long while that I will be able to do something I want for more than a few hours at a time. I am unsure what to do with the time. I may read books where someone defends a position not because some person is paying him to do that, but because he actually believes what he is saying. This crazy thinking will soon become unfamiliar again.

Carry on.


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