Wednesday, April 02, 2008

IT Sucks - Chapter 1320

Can you view the date and time on your university's computers? I can't. Apparently, access to that particular feature is restricted; otherwise, I am just sure, the unscrupulous could alter the settings to travel through time itself. Look it up.

Anyway, you're probably somewhat annoyed by these oppressive features, but, after all, it's not your property (although you might want to check out that networking fee on your tuition - wow!), and you can understand the value of intense network security. Except, well, the security isn't very good at all. Case in point: I've been greeted, upon logging in to the university's computers, with a request from RealPlayer that I perform some sort of upgrade. This isn't the little box of text in the lower right hand corner; this is a big window in the center of the screen, coming up on login every time.

In other words, looking at (much less changing) the date is a massive security breach that must be stopped at all costs. Installing an aggressive, malware-like program is cool, and everyone on campus should be reminded that REALPLAYER NEEDS TO UPDATE every day.


Oh, and every time I log into my e-mail, I get a warning, because, get this, the security certificate has expired. This has been happening since August 2007. IT is aware of the problem, I know, because they have actually e-mailed us all to tell us to ignore this problem.

You know what I can't wait for? The day when the administration chooses to switch to Vista. That should be awesome sauce.


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