Monday, March 24, 2008

Criminals! Rob These Houses!

Not creepy at all.
A crackdown on guns is under way in the District. Police are asking residents to submit to voluntary searches in exchange for amnesty under the District's gun ban.
That's awesome public policy. I hope someone tells Justice Kennedy about this, since I'm sure he'll take it into account in his decision. The only people whose guns will be found this way are those with no malicious purpose in owning guns.

Let that sink in. This crackdown is precisely tailored to disarm potential crime victims.

Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said the "safe homes initiative" is aimed at residents who want to cooperate with police.
Like any good item of doublespeak, it means the opposite of what it appears to mean. The "safe homes initiative" has the effect of making your home less safe - plus there's that whole "the police are searching my house" thing.

Really, is D.C. conditioning this "amnesty" on an in-home search? Is it not possible just to turn in a gun to the police department, or will that result in an arrest for violation of the law?

Seriously, idiots, don't do this. The gun ban is unconstitutional anyway - a court already determined that.

I wonder if D.C. could do a themed package deal of voluntary alienation of constitutional rights - we've got the Second and Fourth Amendments being trashed here, so maybe they could also ask people to submit to a bench trial with the penalty for conviction being torture by having to read about the Supreme Court's expansive reading of the Commerce Clause. Sort of a "Suspend Even-Numbered Amendments" bundle.


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