Monday, April 23, 2007

Wake Me When It's Over

Not content with staging boring, meaningless "world championships", FIDE is putting on a match between two computers.


Computers are imaginative now:
Junior is willing, like no other program, to sacrifice material for initiative, activity or a promising attack. This causes it to come up with highly unexpected, imaginative ideas. Chess players appreciate the “wild” side of Junior’s personality and use the program to find new ideas in their chess analysis. Junior is generally regarded as the Mikhail Tal of computer chess.
Someone call Hofstadter, we've finally discovered AI! Or ChessBase is hyping this crap up for no reason! Either way!

Capablanca gets posthumously insulted as well:
Fritz is often compared to the great Cuban world champion Capablanca for its playing style.
The only one comparing your program to Capablanca is you, guys. Way to market.

Until someone writes an Eduard Nemeth program, computers can't play chess.


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