Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stupidity, Miami Style

Overheard while waiting for an appointment:

"The ROTC are doing some demonstration with guns today. It's really tacky. They're using rifles - big rifles, not just small ones. I don't think they should be doing that."

Since this idiot was making us all privy to a cell phone conversation in a public place (making me wonder why the NSA is not allowed to listen to what all of us can listen to anyway, but whatever), I felt I had standing to comment. I mumbled something about the Second Amendment, but this loudmouth probably did not hear me, preferring the sound of her own voice.

Here is why she was stupid:

-Presumably, the ROTC is not going to go on a rampage and start shooting people for no reason. In fact, let me know when it happens, ever, and then I'll worry about them. By the same token, why allow Coral Gables police to carry sidearms? Since we're worried about guns, not just unlawful possession of guns, why the hell not? Next time you get mugged in this crime-ridden city, don't call the police, because they might have guns and that might lead to apprehending the culprit.

-Rifles are relevant...why? And big rifles, at that. I guess if the ROTC had been carrying carbines, everything would be ok, but because they were carrying "big rifles" (I hate when people utterly ignorant of firearms try to speak), it's somehow worse. Rifles are like pistols how? Not at all? You're just an ignorant, sheltered fool from southern Florida who does nothing but spend other people's money? Oh. K.

-I bet if the ROTC had been at Virginia Tech, the killer might have had a lethal case of lead poisoning before he could do any real harm. So, I guess the idea is, "People got slaughtered because they were unarmed - let's make it happen again." How does that blood on your hands feel, gun control nuts?

If you want my pistol, come and take it.


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