Saturday, April 21, 2007

Only Americans are Racist

...and other lies.

Language is a sensitive topic in Belgium, particularly in Flanders where locals and politicians are keen to promote the use of Dutch and prevent the encroachment of the country's other main language, French.
It's a sensitive topic here, too, but I can guaran-damn-tee that if something like this happened -
A Belgian auto parts supplier has forbidden its workers to speak any language other than Dutch, even during their lunch break, and employees could be fired if they disobey.
- we'd be seeing lawsuit upon lawsuit. Substitute "American" for "Belgian" and "English" for "Dutch" in that last quote, and just imagine the outrage.

What I love about this is not only the racist undertones, but the anti-Muslim undertones:
Belgian newspaper De Standaard reported Thursday that workers of Turkish origin, who make up some 35 percent of the company's workforce, felt the rule was aimed against them and had asked the union to intervene.
The idiots at Reuters don't seem to pick up on it, but anyone with half a brain (Reuters is out already!) can see what's going on. The Germans have long resented the encroachment of Turkish immigrants to their country, too, and of course Turkey is having a hell of a time trying to join the EU. Belgium is the latest to join the club.

Racism? Nah. Can't be. Only Americans are racist, and only Americans could possibly hate Muslims. So look for a different explanation, folks.


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