Thursday, March 29, 2007


Was this intentional?
We cannot underestimate the excitement generated by this eight-game duel between two leading players in the world of chess, Péter Lékó and the world champion, Vladimir Kramnik.
In case they change that third word, there's the quote as it stands. The famous "world championship" between the two in 2004 led to such insipid, dull draws as this and ended in a pathetic 7-7 tie, succeeding in making people miss Bobby Fischer (briefly).

More sloppy reporting:
Last year Lékó’s opponent was the twelfth world champion Anatoli Karpov who, during his carrier is said to have won 166 tournaments, setting a record that is not likely to be broken.
Yeah, and Alekhine is said to have played a game with five queens. That a chess news site should fail to do its damn research and find out not what's said but what's true is more than a bit annoying.

Wait, "carrier?" "During his carrier"



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