Monday, March 26, 2007

Disgust Heaped on Despair

An unfortunate event occured in class on Friday. One of the class favorites, an outspoken shell of worthlessness (in other words, a law student), was called upon to explain the Scooter Libby affair to the class. Apparently, it is the belief of students and professors at nationally-ranked, well-regarded law schools that Karl Rove was responsible for the Plame leak. Of course, it's a matter of well-established fact that Richard Armitage was the guilty party. However, my intellecually-challenged classmate said it - Rove was the guy. The professor did not correct her.

This professor, an expert on administrative law, also does not understand how U.S. attorneys are hired and fired.

Oh, and I'm paying $30000 a year for this; isn't that wonderful?


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