Thursday, January 11, 2007


I never thought my parents were poor. Then I went to law school.

Let me explain.

My parents are firmly lodged in what great generalizers like to call the "middle class." We have been comfortably off, one bedroom for each child, one for the parents, and a spare for the computer, for thirteen years now. We have three motor vehicles. We have a pet beagle. I always thought that my parents were pretty well off.

Law school taught me otherwise.

My parents cannot afford to pay my truly epic tuition, and at my age, I see no reason those two generous people should be giving my anything more anyway. They raised me, even when I was a petulant brat, fed me, largely paid for my undergraduate education, and now I think it's time to give them a break. But even borrowing substantial funds from the federal government and private lenders, what can I do? I can live simply, drink Natty Ice, and eat ramen.

But my classmates? They seem to own vehicles that even my parents could not afford. They are younger than I, mind you, and I am sure they did not purchase these vehicles themselves. They go clubbing. They have "nice" clothes.

I resent people. All of them. But my fellow 1L's, with a few exceptions, are the most spoiled, vacuous, and worthless people I am ever likely to meet. Intellectual incompetence and lots of undeserved money are, apparently, at least equal to merit in bringing the possessor success.



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