Thursday, November 23, 2006

Michael Richards

What. The. Hell.

First, I see some conservatives defending him. Why, guys? He's insane. He might not be racist (I'll get to this shortly), but he's still insane in the brain. Since when do we defend crazy idiots? I didn't see any of us going to bat for Al Gore, for instance. Just walk away, and let him go.

Second - remember Seinfeld? Apparently, Kramer was Michael Richards. Or, more accurately, Kramer was a benign version of Michael Richards. The insane, bizarre, inexplicable character in the show was a toned-down, nice version of the actor who portrayed him. Wow. That's rough. Those of you who know the show well - remember the show-within-the-show that Jerry and George were trying to sell to NBC? Remember the guy who played Kramer in the pilot of that? Yeah. Michael Richards all over.

Third - Mel Gibson redux. Mel at least had the excuse that he was drunk. I say a lot of stupid things when I'm drunk, and consider a lot more...options when intoxicated. But Michael Richards strikes me very much as someone pathologically affected by drugs. Apparently, this is not the first time he made racist remarks. He rants. He's crazy and hyper. In Hollywood, some people can get away with this, like Lewis Black (who's not really that funny, guys). Robin Williams says a lot of offensive stuff in his acts. Is he really a bigot? Who knows.

Fourth - Michael Richards? Who cares? He's washed up.

End transmission.


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