Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stay On Target

My margins were killing me on the memo. I hadn't even covered half my analysis, and I was already creeping up on the page limit. I think I managed to solve the problem and stay within the rules (MS Word is about as intuitive as any Microsoft program - set one-inch margins, then measure what it gives you at the bottom. Yeah. Brilliant.). One page left, some BS analysis, and then that entire class is done for the semester.

Not as much material to cover in Contracts as I thought. Should take less time than I thought to review for the final. It's my first one, too.



At 1:54 AM, November 23, 2006 , Anonymous Jim - PRS said...

Good luck with the final.

Read the question. Expect the initial panic; it will pass. Make some rough (very rough) scratch notes. Sniff out the issues and be sure to discuss both sides.


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