Friday, October 27, 2006

Spirit Journey Transformation Anniversary

I must offer a giant, heartfelt, sincere Happy Birthday to one of the gems of this country. This man was there when we needed him, and never faltered in the face of adversity. He is an inspiration to millions, and if everyone emulated him and his passions, this country would change drastically for the better.

Happy Birthday Teddy Roosevelt!

Oh, and happy birthday to you too Vernunft.


At 6:40 PM, October 27, 2006 , Blogger Vernunft said...

I can promise not to bust any trusts if that helps distinguish us. Or just because I love Micro$oft.

Thanks, and may the spirit of Kahless be with you too.

At 5:10 AM, October 29, 2006 , Anonymous Jim - PRS said...

Happy boitday, Vernunft.


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