Thursday, October 26, 2006

Serious This Time?

I want to believe this, but then I wanted to believe tunneling too. Just so I can be sure about this, can someone with any science knowledge confirm that information was preserved?

OK, that makes no sense without at least some explanation of the article. Apparently some Danes managed to avoid drawing awesomely offensive cartoons long enough to do some science. They basically pulled a Star Trek and manipulated matter from a distance using energy (this is a really big paraphrase). The problem with tunneling was that it was useless because the information was not preserved in the transfer, so it was a neat effect that could not be used, say, for quantum computing, unless you really enjoy random effects.

Like Windows 98, but on the quantum level.

So, anyone with any idea of anything physics-related can let me know if this new thing is good or just the next Segway.


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