Monday, October 16, 2006

Madonna's adoption and...

And a big healthy dose of so freaking what.

Madonna is an idiot. We get that. Honestly, she is a prostitute, with the exception of, well, nothing. She just acts like a raging slut, doing anything necessary, to separate pathetic individuals from their money. And all the while she unfortunately makes me wonder what having sex with my grandmother would be like.


We. Get. It.

Why does anyone care what she does with this kid? Apart from Michael Jackson syndrome, why does anyone give the proverbial rat's ass about this? Madonna adopting a child is as newsworthy as the fart I just ripped while cleaning out navel lint.

True, Madonna is worthless as a human, and worthless as a parent. But, newsflash: so are the welfare cheats that live up the street from me (thank God I am moving again in a week). And when these dregs on my street (or, really, all throughout my city) sit around squirting out kids, it doesn't make the front page of the paper.

Why are the actions of famous people always news worthy? Mel Gibson was drunk!!! Extra extra!!! He apparently hates Jews! Wow... drunk and Jew-hating. Sounds like Ted Kennedy. IT IS NOT A STORY. MOVE ON PLEASE.

Now, here is the portion of the post wherein I offer my brilliant insight and analysis on the question I just posed, namely, the perceived importance of actions of famous people. Well... oops you're screwed. I am not going to do it. Here's my analysis: let your medulla evolve a little. Figure it out on your own. It isn't exactly difficult. Caring about celebrities indulging themselves is akin to missing part of your chromosome 4; you have severe growth and mental retardation, and will die soon and likely alone.


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